Blue Sea Systems SafetyHub 100 Fuse Block

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The SafetyHub 100 combines an ignition protected fuse block and an integrated connecting plug. It is safe for use on gasoline powered boats, reduces wiring connections, and consolidates up to seven fused circuits.

  • Three 30A−200A MIDI®/AMI® fuse locations ideal for high-amp circuits 
  • Four 1A−20A  ATO®/ATC® fuse locations ideal for lower-power circuits
  • Sealed cover protects fuses from the elements: IP66 rating—protected against powerful water jets
  • Integrated connector plugs eliminate loose wires and provide a secure, waterproof connection
  • Ignition protected fusing meets Coast Guard and ABYC requirements for installation in engine compartments of diesel and gas vehicles
  • Includes connector and wiring pigtails for the 4 x ATC fuse connections

Fuses are not included.

More information can be found HERE .

Lifetime manufacturer warranty