Angel Armor Truth Snap 308C  Level III+ Rifle Plate

Angel Armor Truth Snap 308C Level III+ Rifle Plate

Angel Armor

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Angel Armor Truth Snap 308C  Level III+ Rifle Plate

Concealable Rifle Protection you can wear all day!

*Price varies depending on the size of plate you choose*

Unlike the Truth 308S, which is comprised of a thinner and a thicker plate, the 308C is a single polyethylene plate. These plates are designed to be worn all day in your existing carrier's trauma plate pocket. 

They are remarkably thin and light yet provide multi-hit stopping power and significant blunt-force trauma protection.  They are also Spike 3 rated.

The Truth 308C is a full Level III rifle plate, plus protects against additional threats above Level III including;

  • 7.62mm (.308 Win) FMJ (M80) 150gr @ 2750fps (6 hits)
  • Military 5.56x45mm NATO 55gr M193 @ 3232fps
  • American Eagle 5.56x45mm 55gr FMJ @ 3027fps
  • NIJ Standard 0115.00 Stab Resistance Spike Level 3
  • Special threats as published on the Angel Armor website 

Physical Specifications;

  • Thickness = 0.55"
  • 7x9" = 1.33lbs
  • 8x10" full cut = 1.69lbs
  • 8x10" shooter's cut = 1.46lbs
  • 10x12" full cut = 2.58lbs
  • 10x12" shooter's cut = 2.26lbs

Note that the Truth plate systems are "ICW" systems, meaning that to achieve the protection they are rated for, they must be worn In Conjunction With Level II (or higher) soft body armour panels.

Truth 308C vs. Truth 308S

The 308S is a dual-plate system.  It gives you more options for up/down armouring and is priced approximately 20% lower than the 308C system.  However, it is also about 25% heavier than the same size 308C plate.

Colours may not be exactly as shown.

A valid Canadian Firearms License (PAL) is mandatory in order to purchase this item. We will contact you via email for this information after you order. 

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