Tecniq 4" LED Interior Work/Task Light


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Tecniq E06 4 inch LED Interior Work/Task Light

The Tecniq E06 light is a 4" (including flange) surface-mount light for interior use.  It provides red or white light.  The light is 4" diameter by only 0.24" thick.  The light has three wires coming out the back side;  black (ground), white (apply +12vdc to illuminate the white LEDs) and red (also +12vdc ).  The chrome trim ring is polished stainless steel.

The white illumination is 300 Lumens so it's a nice bright work light for inside a cab, without being blinding.  It emits an 80 degree wide beam. The white LEDs draw about 0.24a and the red LEDs draw 0.15a.  The light mounts using 2 x #6 screws (not included).  The lens snaps on over the screws so the screws are hidden.

Note that this light is VERY thin and therefore has NO switch.  Any standard 3-position switch will work with this light.  Or, if you don't need the red illumination, any standard on/off switch will work.

All Tecniq products are covered by Tecniq's lifetime warranty.  These lights are extremely popular with our First Responder and Commercial customers.

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