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Armor Express Agile Police K-9 Vest

Protect your partner from ballistic threats as well as everyday dangers such as field debris, fence tops, and general bruises and scrapes.

  • full coverage including chest coverage
  • All armour options are NIJ Certified for their respective levels 
  • sleek design for no hang-ups
  • dynamic cummerbund system allows vest to expand and contract with the dog's movement and breathing
  • available with Stab, Ballistic, or dual-threat armour in various levels
  • sized to fit your dog
  • Available in various colours, as shown
  • ID tags not included (available separately - please contact us)

Armour Options  

(areal density "AD" measured in pounds per sq ft (psf) of ballistic material)
  • Taurus Spike 1;  AD = 0.36 psf , Thickness = 0.09"
  • Taurus Spike 2;  AD = 0.48 psf,  thickness = 0.12"
  • Razor II Ballistic;  AD = 0.67 psf, thickness = 0.14"  
  • Vortex II Ballistic;  AD = 0.86 psf, thickness = 0.19"

Razor II and Vortex II are NIJ Certified under the NIJ 0101.06 standard.  Taurus Spike armour is NIJ Certified under NIJ 0115.00.

Vortex II and Razor II also pass DEA and FBI testing protocols.  In addition, they will defeat the following Special Threats rounds per NIJ Special Threat testing specifications;

  • 5.7mm x 28mm 40gr SS197SR
  • 9mm 124gr Luger +P GDHP
  • .357 Sig 125gr Gold Dot HP
  • .44 Remington Magnum 240gr hydra-shok

Other armour options are available, including Level IIIA and dual threat (Ballistic Level II + Spike 2).  For more information please see the Armor Express page here.

After you place your order we will contact you regarding sizing, colour, and armour options.

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