Armor Express Vortex Ballistic Panels

Armor Express Vortex Ballistic Panels

Armor Express

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Armor Express Vortex Ballistic Panels

This is a PAIR (front and back) of ballistic armour panels from Armor Express.  The Vortex panels are a fantastic balance between weight, thickness, and price.  The Vortex is by far our most popular armour panel system.  It is very flexible and comfortable as well as being one of the lighter & thinner armour panels offered today.

The Vortex is available in Level II and IIIA and are NIJ certified.   Both also meet DEA and FBI protocols which are far tougher than NIJ and include contact shots and fragmentation testing (level II armour does not meet DEA frag testing criteria).

The Vortex will also protect against a variety of Special Threats as shown on the Armor Express web page HERE .

The Vortex is available in the AE "Bravo" cut and will fit only AE carriers that are available in the Bravo cut.

It is an excellent piece of armour and we recommend it to anyone who needs a professional armour system.

  • Level II panels are 0.19" thick and weigh 0.86 lbs/sq ft
  • Level IIIA panels are 0.25" thick and weigh 0.93 lbs/sq ft
  • 5 year manufacturer's performance warranty
  • NIJ 0101.06 certified
  • Male cut (if you need female-cut armour, please contact us)
  • Carrier not included. 
Valid PAL or Law Enforcement ID required.  We will contact you after you place the order to obtain this information.  

Sizing Information

We believe that properly sized armour is more comfortable and safer.  Therefore, we do not use standard Medium, Large, etc. sizing.  Rather, we would prefer to custom size your armour to YOUR body.   The best way to do this is either live in person, or via video conference.   While we understand this adds a layer of complexity to the purchase, we feel it is a very critical factor to ensuring the years of use will be comfortable for you.   

Once you purchase this armour we will contact you to arrange for a sizing video conference via Skype or our internal video conferencing link.

As this armour is custom-made for you, delivery time will be approximately 8-10 weeks.

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