Tecniq E45 Strip Lights


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Tecniq E45 Strip Lights

The E45 is a rigid (non-flexible) strip light that has a wide variety of uses.  It consists of LEDs mounted in a very thin (0.23") extruded aluminum channel, then sealed/potted with TechSeal.   

They are available in various lengths, and in Standard or Premium models.  Premium models have twice as many LEDs and are therefore twice as bright as Standard models. 

Standard models are great for illuminating a surface that is up to 3 feet from the light.  For longer distances, the Premium would be the better solution.

The light strips mount with Clips.  Clips are available in horizontal, vertical, and 45 degrees.  Clips are sold in pairs.  For light strips longer than 24" you will need 2 sets of clips per strip.

Clips are included in the price shown.  For 7" and 12" strips, one pair of clips is included.  For 25" and 48" strips, two pairs of clips are included.

 Model Lumens Amp Draw
7" Standard 150 0.12
7" Premium 300 0.22
12" Standard 300 0.22
12" Premium 600 0.40
24" Standard 750 0.49
24" Premium 1500 0.99
48" Standard 1500 0.99
48" Premium 3000 1.85


These light strips are very rugged though can be damaged with excessive force so mount them in suitable locations.  They are fully waterproof.

Full dimensions for each model are HERE (PDF).

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