Tecniq K90 Flashing LED Warning Light

Tecniq K90 Flashing LED Warning Light


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Tecniq K90 Flashing LED Warning Light

This is a great light for budget-minded applications.  It is very bright and at a great price, though lights twice its price will be a bit brighter.   

The Tecniq K-series lights also features a unique Auto Sync system that allows the installer to synchronize flash patterns between lights without having to run a sync wire between the lights.  This is a fantastic system for customers who want to upgrade their older halogen or strobe lights to LED.

  • Surface-Mounted LED warning light
  • Fits standard 9"x 7" mounting holes
  • 18 LEDs
  • Fully sealed, IP68 Rated
  • LIFETIME warranty
  • Very good intensity both head-on and off-axis
  • 2.5amp max draw @ 13.5vdc
  • Non-replaceable lens
  • Meets NFPA and KKK specifications
  • Patented Autosync synchronization feature Internal flasher with 18 patterns
  • Internal flash patterns
  • No Steady-on pattern - will not work with external flashers 
  • Available with clear or coloured lenses
  • Order black or chrome trim ring kit separately
  • Wires;  +12v, ground, dim (50%), pattern select, autosync  
  • Full spec sheet is HERE (PDF)

If you require a K-series light to function with an external flasher, use the Steady-Burn-Only models of the K lights.

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